GMAT Scores for Chicago GSB

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In the most recent BusinessWeek ranking, the Full-Time MBA program at the University of Chicago was ranked at the very top of the list. As such, all of their standards are high, and the GMAT scores they look for are no different.

No Minimum GMAT Score, but...

Like nearly all MBA programs, Chicago claims there is no minimum GMAT score for consideration. However, their averages are fearsome, including a recent median GMAT score of 710. The middle 80% of their admits scored between 650 and 760.

GMAT Info From the Source

You can check out the Chicago GSB admissions pages here. They also have an MBA admissions blog that appears to be updated at least once per week.

On an FAQ page, they address a common concern about retaking the GMAT:

If you score lower than you like, taking the test again can be a way to strengthen your application. The Admissions Committee looks favorably on taking the GMAT more than once, although we do not recommend taking the test more than three times. The highest of your valid scores will be considered the official one.

Many schools don't make public statements about retaking the test, though most specify that they'll accept your highest score. I think this is a good guideline for most schools, not just Chicago.



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