Integrated Reasoning Percentiles

August 9, 2012

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Now that the Integrated Reasoning section has been an official part of the GMAT for more than a month, the GMAC has released percentile information for the new section.

After you take the exam, you'll be given an Integrated Reasoning score between 1 and 8, inclusive. As it stands now, achieving a perfect score of 8 puts you in the 94th percentile, and a almost-perfect score of 7 places you in the 85th percentile.

The average score is just below the midpoint of 1 and 8: a 4.0.

As I've said before, the Integrated Reasoning section is not yet an absolutely crucial part of your GMAT score report. School don't yet know how well IR scores predict success in MBA programs, and many students applying this year took the GMAT before the new section was included.

Still, the longer you wait to apply, the more important the IR section is likely to be. If you're not already subscribing to GMAT Hacks, do so now to keep up with my regular updates on this new facet of the GMAT.



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