An Alternative Route for GMAT Prep

August 16, 2012

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When most students begin their GMAT test preparation, they only consider a few obvious options: The Official Guide, one of two or three big test-prep companies, and--of course--GMAT Hacks and Total GMAT Math.

One route you may not have considered is taking a test preparation class through the business school you hope to attend! The GMAC recently published an article on that trend, which has appeared in various guises around the globe.

Obviously, experiences will vary--test-prep isn't as easy as it looks, and some schools may not do a very good job, especially in their first year or two of offering these programs. But in other cases, you may find these to be affordable, effective options.

The additional benefit--to both you and the school--is networking. You won't meet anyone at your target school by taking a class at Kaplan. But if you're showing up at the business school of your choice every Saturday, you're more likely to learn more about them--and they're more likely to learn more about you.

Assuming you're a well-qualified candidate (especially after improving your GMAT score!), it's an angle that can only help your chances of admission.



About the author: Jeff Sackmann has written many GMAT preparation books, including the popular Total GMAT Math, Total GMAT Verbal, and GMAT 111. He has also created explanations for problems in The Official Guide, as well as 1,800 practice GMAT math questions.

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