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August 16, 2010

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After working one-on-one with students for the better part of ten years, I've decided that I will no longer work as a private tutor.

My goal has always been to help people prepare for the GMAT in the most efficient, effective way possible. That goal has not changed.

The great thing about this website is that it allows me to teach tens of thousands of students—the vast majority of whom I could never meet in person. The same is true of the books and resources I have created.

Tutoring Alternatives

In writing books such as Total GMAT Math and GMAT 111, I have sought to write down what I have always taught. Total GMAT Math, especially, covers material that I often spent session after session after session going through with students.

In other words, if you're interested in my expertise and experience, you can still find it. Much of it is available for free on this website, and far more is available in the resources I have for sale.

Here's a quick review of the various ways in which I've made my expertise available:

  • The Beginner's Guide to the GMAT. This one's free! It introduces each section of the test, and points to additional resources.
  • GMAT 111. A new book that gives you over one hundred "tips, tricks and tactics" to improve your score. Many of the tips are easy to implement, but can give you disproportionately large score improvements!
  • Total GMAT Math. This book is my comprehensive course to GMAT Quant. This material sometimes took 10 or more hours of one-on-one tutoring; now you can buy it (and get extensive practice material) for only $49.95.
  • Total GMAT Verbal. Everything I teach concerning the GMAT Verbal section, plus practice questions.
  • Official Guide Explanations. You should be working through the Official Guide. If you need help understanding some questions, my explanations can help.
  • 1,800 Practice Quant Problems. Once you've exhausted the OG and Total GMAT Math, you may need more practice. These sets provide that practice, and they include thorough explanations.
  • Hundreds of free articles. They cover every aspect of GMAT prep, and I frequent add new ones.

I'll continue to devise ways to streamline your GMAT prep, so please subscribe to keep yourself up to date.

And if you want the "face-to-face" experience, you can always check out my GMAT prep videos :).



About the author: Jeff Sackmann has written many GMAT preparation books, including the popular Total GMAT Math, Total GMAT Verbal, and GMAT 111. He has also created explanations for problems in The Official Guide, as well as 1,800 practice GMAT math questions.

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