Print Versions of Three More Books!

December 16, 2010

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You can now buy more of my GMAT prep books in hard copy, paperback versions. Judging from the positive response to the print version of Total GMAT Math, it's an alternative that many of you will take advantage of.

GMAT 111

This is my concise strategy guide, which I released in other formats earlier this year. You can still buy it as an eBook or for Amazon Kindle. Now it's available as a paperback, as well.

GMAT Math Challenge

For years, I've offered 18 sets of 100 practice quant problems--1,800 practice questions in all. These have been among my most popular resources. Ten of the sets are designated "Challenge" sets, covering every GMAT quant topic, from Algebra to Number Properties to Word Problems.

These ten challenge sets--including my most popular one, Extreme Challenge--are now available in one volume, GMAT Math Challenge. It includes 1,000 total problems! If you buy the 10 sets in PDF form, it costs $129.95; as a paperback book, they are $149.95, to cover the additional printing costs.

GMAT Math Fundamentals

The other eight math sets are designated as "Fundamentals." These 800 questions are for people who are not yet ready to tackle the hardest math questions on the test, and need extra practice to help them reach the next level.

As a set of eight PDFs, the group costs $99.95.

Please note that you can still buy individual sets in PDF form.

Free shipping

Those of you in the U.S. may be aware of's "Super Saver Shipping" promotion, in which purchases over $25 are eligible for free shipping. As with Total GMAT Math, both of the books of quant problems are over $25, so you can have them shipped to U.S. addresses for free!



About the author: Jeff Sackmann has written many GMAT preparation books, including the popular Total GMAT Math, Total GMAT Verbal, and GMAT 111. He has also created explanations for problems in The Official Guide, as well as 1,800 practice GMAT math questions.

Total GMAT Verbal

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