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Solutions to quant problems in the Official Guide are now free at GMAT Hacks! Click here for a full list of explanations. You can still purchase the PDF booklets below.

There's no better resource for GMAT preparation than the set of books published by GMAC. They contain hundreds of practice questions written by the same folks who create test materials, so it's like practicing with real test questions.

But the Official Guide books are far from perfect. While they include explanations for every question, those explanations are also written by the people who write the questions. You can get great insight into the "official," "textbook" methods to answer questions. While it's important to learn some of those approaches, that isn't how you're going to rack up the most points on test day.

Finally, there's a solution for the Quantiative questions in the Official Guide.

I've created two PDF booklets--one for the Quant questions in The Official Guide to GMAT Review (12th edition), the other for The Official Guide to GMAT Quantitative Review (2nd edition)--to fill the gap. Each one has over 100 pages of explanations. Not the technical stuff. Just the methods that will allow you complete questions efficiently and correctly.

There's more!

Each one of the booklets is chock-full of information about the questions it covers:

  • Each math question is indexed by difficulty level. You can focus on, for instance, extremely difficult questions.
  • Each question is indexed by content areas. You can now spend an entire practice session doing inequality questions, or word problems involving geometry.
  • I recommend focusing on the 12th edition, but if you still have the 11th edition, I've included all of the explanations to the quantitative questions in the 11th edition ("The Orange Book") as well.

Most of all, you get cutting-edge strategies to help you answer every single type of math question the GMAT throws at you. This is valuable stuff: it's what I spend most of my time doing when I meet with my private clients. My explanations don't just teach you how to do the problem at hand, they show you how to attack an entire class of problems.

Best of all, when you decide you're ready to take your GMAT preparation to the next level, there's no waiting. Each of these 100+ page booklets are available as PDF files for immediate download.

Buy the Official Guide math explanations

I'm selling the explanations to the Quantitative portion of The Official Guide (12th edition, with 11th edition explanations included!) for a new low price of $34.95:
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Buy the Quantitative Review explanations

You can also purchase the explanations to The Official Guide to Quantitative Review (2nd edition, with 1st edition explanations included) for $24.95:
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